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The magno M system has fast, transient temporal responses from parasol cells, and conveys information about motion. Some of these neurons discharge prior to the initiation of eye movements, and some discharge during or after saccade initiation. Because the amacrine cells coupled to parasol cells also make inhibitory synapses onto other parasol cells , neighboring parasol cells indirectly inhibit one another. Proportion of different cell classes throughout the marmoset retina By means of spatial statistical methods we could calculate cell density, regularity, and coverage of M and P cell mosaics in different locations of the midperipheral and peripheral retina. The midget ganglion cells of the retina project to the upper four small cell, or parvocellular layers of the LGN.
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The midget pathways of the primate retina

The horizontal cells are thought to contribute to the surround response of bipolar cells in submammalian species and particularly in creatures with good color vision. J Physiol Lond ; Chromatic sensitivity of ganglion cells in the peripheral primate retina. A second type of midget bipolar cell in the primate retina. The relationship of the increasing dendritic field size and increasing convergence of cones to the midget ganglion cells with eccentricity from the fovea is discussed in terms of color processing and resolution. Four to five millimetres beyond the fovea, in near periphery, the midget bipolar cells become 2- and 3-headed connecting to 2 and 3 cones respectively Polyak, ; Kolb et al. Galetta 2 , in Handbook of Clinical Neurology ,
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Mather: Foundations of Perception

Cone to midget bipolar cell connections. Normal and Defective Colour Vision. Phil Trans R Soc B ; Thus, invaginating midget bipolar cells imb were found to connect with cone pedicles at central element, invaginating synapses at the cone pedicle ribbons Figs. Note in b and c a blue cone provides input. Add to My Bibliography. When the dendritic field diameter of these cells was plotted against distance from the fovea, the scatter diagram showed two distinct clusters.
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There are many differences among primate species nocturnal versus diurnal, Old World versus New World ; this section concentrates on the macaque—a diurnal, Old World primate. The very center of the foveal pit is almost devoid of S-cones. View full topic index. Presumed amacrine input was identified with antibodies against gephyrin; presumed bipolar input was identified with antibodies against the GluR4 subunit of the AMPA receptor. Midget Parvocellular, or P pathway. In V1, many cells receive selective input from either the midget or parasol cells , but there is a significant portion of cells that receive a convergent input from these two systems. Capillary lamina of choroid Bruch's membrane Sattler's layer.
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